Go For It!

Posted by Karyn Climans on

I am reminded everyday that people are capable of anything they put their mind to!
Here are 2 customers who impress me with their "go for it" attitude in life.

This customer needs to wear a safety helmet while walking because he has Huntington's Chorea. People used to stop and stare until he started wearing his Spider helmet cover. Now people engage him in conversation and smile as he walks by!




This skier volunteers with VASS (Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports) - a program that teaches people of all ages and a range of special needs to ski and snowboard. For some of their students, it's often the first time they've experienced the freedom of soaring down the slopes!


I am often asked if our helmet covers fit child medical helmets because why shouldn't the medical helmets be FUN to wear as well! By the way, "yes" they fit!

Do you know someone who has that "Go For It" attitude in life? If yes, we'd love to hear about them!






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