Learning to Ride a 2 Wheeler Made Easy!

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It was over 20 years ago but I still remember the frustration (and backache) as we tried to teach our 2 sons to ride a 2 wheeler. Both my kids successfully learned to ride a tricycle and a bike with training wheels BUT mastering a 2 wheeler without training wheels was a nightmare! The meltdowns (theirs and secretly mine) were enough to send me over the edge. The good news is eventually they did learn but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

If only Pedalheads Bike Camps were around 20 years ago. I have heard repeatedly from parents that their kids learned to ride a 2 wheeler easily and had FUN doing it. What are the Pedalheads secrets that make this program so successful?

* Kids typically learn better from someone other than their own parents.

* The instructors are young and energetic and know how to motivate the kids.

* Kids want to keep up with their peers in their group.

Here's a customer testimonial: "After a day or two at Pedal Heads guaranteed the trainers will be off. Couldn't believe the progress I saw in all my kids!"

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