2010 Friends for Life Bike Rally a HUGE Success!

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Close to 300 riders left Toronto’s Queen’s Park Legislative Building on Sunday, July 25th. 6 days later they arrived sore and tired but exhilarated in Montreal. They had just biked over 600 km at an average speed of 20 km/hr. You are probably asking why anyone would want to cycle that far when Porter is offering cheap flights to Montreal and there’s an express train that will get you from Toronto to Montreal in 4 hours and 43 minutes. This dedicated group of cyclists was determined to raise the much needed funds for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA). In fact, this year, they raised over $1.2 million which is over half of the annual operating budget of the PWA. In other words, without these dedicated “Friends for Life” cyclists, the work of the PWA would be severely curtailed. It takes about 3 months of training to prepare for this ride. Keep in mind that the majority of the cyclists are not professional athletes. They are ordinary folks like you and I ranging in age from 18 to 70 years old. And the physical stamina is not the only hurdle these people face. There’s a minimum fundraising commitment required by all bike rally participants. On average the amount raised per cyclist was $3,000.00. The top fundraiser raised over $30,000.00. Along the way, there were the usual flat tires, pulled hamstrings and sore butts but this group knows how to have fun despite all of that! Every night, there was a special event planned, for example, a talent night, candle light vigil and a dance on the final night. Can you imagine still having the energy to dance after sitting on a bike seat for 6 days? There are also different theme rides on certain days, for example, a “RED” day (hence the Red Devil helmet covers on one of the teams), a “DRESS” day and a “SUPERHERO” day. Organizing this event is a logistical nightmare and that’s where the support staff plays a huge role. The Ride employs one full time staff member but there are over 100 volunteers who make up the road safety team, mechanics, route markers, Rubbermaid rustlers who carry all the gear, chiropractor, massage therapists, medics, nurses and the food crew! Given that the average number of calories burned daily by each of the cyclists is over 3,000 that’s a lot of sandwiches to make, potatoes to peel and coffee to brew. All in all, the Friends for Life cyclists and volunteers deserve our thanks and appreciation for the commitment they have shown to this important cause. By the way, it’s not to late to donate. For your convenience, I’ve provided you with the direct link for donations below:

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