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This has been bugging me for a while so I thought I’d finally blow off some steam. I get charged a “Stuffing” fee every year. Essentially, this license allows me to use foam slabs and quilt batting for the tails, ears and fins of my helmet covers. I had never heard of a stuffing license until I received a phone call from one of my retailers 2 years ago. She called to say my helmet covers were removed from their store shelves because I didn’t have this license. As a business owner, I certainly knew of and regularly pay fees for my NAFTA renewal, business licenses, and provincial and federal taxes (just to name a few). However, this latest money grab by yet another licensing board (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) seems ridiculous and unfair. What is the benefit to society because companies are paying a stuffing fee? Is my product enhanced or safer because I pay a stuffing license? To back track, I think certain licenses make sense. Clearly restaurant inspections every year are worthwhile. We all want to know the restaurants we eat at are clean, bug free and meet minimum safety and health standards. I also appreciate the public wants to make sure the stuffing I am using is brand new. Clearly we don’t want manufacturers using recycled stuffing in their products. However, if I prove that I’m buying brand new stuffing, shouldn’t this suffice? But the ministry does not make annual checks. I’m sure I’ll never hear from them again unless I forget to pay my fee. What fees and taxes do you resent the most? Here’s your chance to complain to your heart’s content!

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  • The fees that bug me most are the “upgrade” fees associated with some Tarot networks. By upgrading my affiliation with them, I’m essentially signing up for a magazine subscription as well as opening up a narrow avenue for increased name recognition. Following this step with all of these communities means I’m signed up for the same magazine subscription several times over and have gained little else.

    Rachel C. on
  • Thanks Tracy for putting up with my complaints but it sure feels good to vent! Even better knowing that people share my sentiments!!!

    Karyn Climans on
  • The government tried to claim that the harmonized tax would help businesses … all I know is that I am now taxed more on fabric, marketplace booth fees, accounting fees etc. Of course, in this economy, I could never increase my prices so I’m stuck absorbing the extra costs yet again! I wouldn’t mind if I thought the gov’t was spending the money wisely but that’s obviously not happening. Thanks for stopping by my blog site and listening to me rant and rave! Do you have your own business too, Amber?

    Karyn Climans on
  • If you hadn’t asked, I could probably name a ton of annoying taxes businesses are hit with. I have to say I am totally on board with you here. A stuffing tax? Really?

    Tracy on
  • with small business, they tax them until they scream mercy and close down. I hate the new “harmonized” tax because we are now ending up paying more for things that we use every day.

    amber on

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