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Gone are the days when all wedding ceremonies had to be conducted in religious surroundings and required the blessing of God. Although most people still opt for a traditional ceremony, weddings are now celebrated in many different ways including barefoot on a beach and skiing down a mountain. I’ve even heard of scuba divers who get married under water as well as brides and grooms bungee jumping off a bridge instead of the time-honored walk down the church aisle. Today’s brides and grooms are determined to create a day that is uniquely theirs. After all, it is their special day so why shouldn't they have it their way? What matters most is the wedding ceremony should reflect the personality of the couple because if they’re happy, their joy will be contagious! Several months ago, a bride contacted me about creating a unique bridal helmet cover for her Harley motorcycle helmet. Why should a safety helmet prevent a bride from wearing a beautiful bridal veil? Her day began with a motorcycle parade down the city’s main street and ended with the bride and groom riding off in to the sunset on their Harleys … her veil floating in the breeze behind her. The trend is growing! This fashion accessory for active brides is catching on. Here’s a bride who wore her bridal veil on her bicycle helmet! If you were to plan your wedding all over again, would you change anything? Would you opt for an alternative wedding?

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  • That sounds like the perfect 2nd marriage, Lanita! It’s amazing how our perceptions change as we get older. Congratulations on finding happiness again!

    Karyn Climans on
  • My first wedding was like yours…the in-laws took over. Unfortunately, I met some of the same people again at my husband’s funeral.

    When I remarried, it was small, intimate, and in Jackson Square in New Orleans. We had a mardi gras parade, with beads, dancing, and a final stroll down Bourbon street.

    There is nothing I would change about the day. Not even the heat!

    Lanita on
  • That is SO nice! How intimate and lovely!!! I wanted a small wedding but my in-laws wanted to invite everyone. Needless to say it was the ONLY time in my life I met some of them … In that sense, I would opt for a smaller wedding like yours.

    Karyn Climans on
  • How great is that :)
    I got married in our family room, right between our fireplace and christmas tree. We only had 20 guests (only very close family and friends). It was perfect, I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

    Patricia on

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