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81 years old and still rollerblading every day when the weather permits. He calls himself Rollerblader Joe and he can be spotted around the lakes of Southern Ontario wearing his Tail Wags Beaver helmet cover. His philosophy in life that keeps him so “young” and fit is that you’re never too old to have fun! Joe’s not the only one that is convinced that the key to feeling “young at heart” is keeping active and maintaining one’s sense of humour. Ian is 74 years old and he still skis on a regular basis. It’s hard to miss him on the slopes – just watch for his “Slope Shark” helmet cover as he glides down the hill. Ian was given the Shark as a gift from his kids and he’s been proudly sporting it ever since. In fact, the Shark has developed a bit of a reputation at Blue Mountain Ski Resort. Rumour has it that Ian is known amongst the ladies as a “good catch”. It’s his blue eyes, which are accentuated by the denim blue of his skiwear and shark that draw the most comments. Seeing the humour in this attention, Ian plays along. He’s been happily married for almost 20 years and the ladies know it but they still love Ian for his energy, spirit and “Joie de Vivre”! Ian’s Shark isn’t the only animal that can be seen on the ski slopes these days. Jennifer has been enjoying her Leopard helmet cover and the hilarious conversations that ensue in response. “One day, when my husband and I were skiing in Collingwood, I was asked “jokingly” if I was wearing a matching leopard thong. Ever since, I’ve thought it would be a laugh to wear a leopard print thong over my bulky ski pants! As someone who always hated my ugly black helmet but knows the importance of wearing it for safety, I am getting tremendous enjoyment from my whimsical helmet cover!” People sometimes assume that Tail Wags are exclusively for kids but people of all ages are sporting these eye-catching designs on the bike trails, ski slopes, and skating rinks. Designed to make the wearer more visible, they also add a layer of warmth on cold and windy days. However, it is the FUN factor that is usually the reason people cite when asked why they love their Tail Wags. As Joe explains, “People are always complimenting me on my Beaver helmet cover. I love to stop and chat … telling the story behind my helmet cover.” What’s the underlying message in all of this? Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and a sense of humor is key to keeping “young at heart”! What are you doing to stay “young”?

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  • 81? Wow!

    Posey on
  • What an inspiration they are! And they also know good helmet fashion when they see it. ;)

    Wombat Central on

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