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Where were Strider Bikes when my kids were learning to ride a two-wheeler and I was running along beside them ... breaking my back trying to hold on to them? These bikes would have prevented the inevitable meltdowns and frustrations my kids experienced when the training wheels were removed and they hadn't quite figured out how to balance on their "grown-up" bikes! The 2nd week of our "Well On Their Way" campaign is featuring these fantastic "pedal-less" bikes:

Learning to Ride a 2-Wheeler Bike the Easy Way!

We all remember the trauma of learning to ride a bike, or worse, trying to teach someone to ride a bike.  Setting out on your first two-wheeler can be frustrating and scary for both parent and child and has been the cause of many a scraped knee and twisted ankle.  Bicycles with training wheels are heavy and wobbly, and even tricycles tip over. We know that children develop essential motor skills early in life and Pediatricians agree that learning balance and coordination with exercise can jump-start a child’s growth and development.  Traditional bikes tend to place too much emphasis on learning to pedal while steering at the same time is very difficult for children. The challenge of mastering that skill can lead to feelings of instability and fear, sometimes causing children to give up altogether. The Strider™ PREbike is designed to instill confidence in a child as they acquire their balance and coordination.  It is free of cables, chains, sprockets, pedals or protrusions that can harm your child.  Control is enhanced with a low and flat handlebar design.  Kids can reach forward rather than up, which gives them better leverage and maneuverability.  The Strider’s lightweight design and low center of gravity make it easy to control, offering your child a safe and secure sensation.  At the first feeling of instability, your child will instinctively place both feet securely on the ground and because the bike’s adjustable seat height starts at 11 inches, it accommodates the shortest of legs.  Designed to be steady and stable, the Strider™ encourages bike safety and fitness. Family outings often include toddlers who can’t keep up on a tricycle or bike with training wheels. With a Strider™ your child will become significantly more mobile.  A whole new, healthier, world can open up for them to ride in as they wheel their Strider™ to outdoor gatherings, a nearby park, or anywhere else you walk or bike.  Your child will easily be able to keep pace. Our first test rider -- after riding a Strider™ prototype for only six months -- was riding a two-wheel pedal bike without training wheels at age three. Many parents tell us that the Strider™ has given their child a safe, speedy and smooth transition into a pedal bike.  And your child can share this same experience too. For a chance to win the Well on Their Way Grand Prize valued over $1,000.00, ENTER NOW at SavvyMom.

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