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When my kids were young, I spent a lot of money on various teaching tools including alphabet books, puzzles and number games. It would certainly have been easier and more cost effective if the Teach My learning kits were available 19 years ago when my kids were born. Christy Cook, founder and owner of the Teach My product line has made it simple for parents with her all-in-one kits!

Wellness from the Beginning!

Were you aware that the care babies get from the beginning has dramatic and long-lasting effects on how they develop and learn as children? According to the National Association of Child Care Resource, research suggests the right kind of experiences in a baby’s early years can actually help their brains to grow! Therefore, in their first few years of life, it is crucial to create an environment for growth, development and learning. For example talking, reading, and singing with your child, all adds to their brain development. You are your child’s first and most important teacher. You provide the play experiences in your child’s life that lead to learning.

Realising I was my son’s most important teacher drove me to start my educational toy business. When my son was 18-months old, I was excited to teach him the basic building blocks of learning - the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours.  After searching several stores for an all-in-one kit, I settled for buying individual pieces at various teaching supply stores in my area. I filled a box with mismatched flashcards, kindergarten charts, books and puzzles, and called it ‘Mama’s School’. My son and I sat down with ‘Mama’s School’ almost every day for 20 minutes. By the time he was three-years old, he could read. Parents at nursery school and playgroups began to ask how I had taught him.

I realised other parents would be interested in teaching their children the basics, so I created Teach My Toddler, the multi award-winning all-in-one learning kit for toddlers. After the success of Teach My Toddler, I went on to create Teach My Baby and the newest addition to the Teach My learning series, Teach My Preschooler.

According to, a child’s brain develops constantly in the early years, especially from birth to age three. You can aid this development by giving your young children plenty of one-on-one interaction and external stimulation. In fact, Teach My all-in-one learning kits make it easy for parents to sit down for 20 minutes of supervised and focused educational play.

Wellness from the beginning is the kind of investment in your child that will pay off in the long run! Your child will be more likely to succeed in school and have the skills to fulfill their dreams.

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