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In honour of Remembrance Day, I wanted to share with you a beautiful post written by Kathryn, author of the MySaggyButt blog site:

We Remember Cpl. Marie-France Comeau

Cpl. Marie-France Comeau was a soldier. She chose to serve her country.  And she served us with all her heart until a depraved and sinister monster robbed her of her right to live. We hear so much about the perpetrator of this horrific crime.  His name springs to the forefront of our minds.  But who are the women whose lives were snuffed out by his cruel and sadistic acts of violence? Cpl. Marie-France Comeau was one of those amazing and courageous women. Trusted with the responsibility of looking after the highest ranking officers of the Canadian military and the political leaders of our country as they flew to meet with dignitaries around the world, she performed her duties as a military flight attendant with skill and graciousness. A dedicated soldier, she volunteered to be sent for the first Canadian deployment to Afghanistan. I’ve read the book, Outside the Wire, written by a group of brave Canadian soldiers fighting in war-torn Afghanistan and I thank God every day that men and women like Marie-France are willing to risk their lives so that we can live ours.  Though Marie-France loved her job, it didn’t define her.  A trusted friend, step-mom, sister, daughter, niece – her family and friends loved her and it warmed their hearts to see her so happy with her life. Marie-France’s beautiful smile and playful personality radiate from the media photos that I’ve seen of her. One photo that stands out in my mind is of Marie-France sitting around a table at a restaurant in Singapore with three of her female friends having drinks and probably talking about which shops to check out next.  I think about the times my best friends and I have sat around a café table laughing and chatting about anything and everything.  Marie-France was no different than any one of us. But she was different than us.  She was a soldier willing to die for her country. I get chills each time I see the public service spot on TV honouring the veterans and soldiers for Remembrance Day by asking us as Canadians, “How will you remember?”  I want you to remember Cpl. Marie-France Comeau and Jessica Lloyd — not as victims but as wonderful, strong and loving women who lived, loved and are loved — heroes in our hearts forever.

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