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Every summer since my kids were in diapers, we spent the entire summer in the Bahamas - it was our cottage. Outdoors all day long, playing in the ocean, swimming pool, learning to scuba dive, snorkel, fish, golf and play tennis ... it doesn't get any better than that! But the risk of a sunburn was high so we had to play it safe! We didn't need a lot of clothes with us other than our UV protection clothing and the odd sundress or pair of shorts. Knowing they were sufficiently protected from the sun, gave me peace of mind so I could enjoy the glorious weather too. I highly recommend SunSmarty UV protection clothing as a great way to protect your kids from the damaging rays of the sun.

POP = Put on Protection

While most of us love the hot, sunny days, we have become increasingly aware of the perils associated with spending too much time outdoors, unprotected by sunscreen. Children are at particular risk, racking up between fifty and eighty percent of their lifetime sun exposure before the age of eighteen! Unfortunately, we often forget to apply protection until after receiving a nasty sunburn – or worse – sunstroke.  Research has revealed that a bad sun burn before the age of ten can give you up to a fifty percent greater chance of contracting skin cancer as an adult.  Sun Damage is cumulative; skin can repair superficial damage like the redness and soreness of sunburn, but the underlying damage remains. Once our natural defenses against harmful UV rays are gone, you cannot get them back. A cotton t-shirt offers only about a 5SPF while SunSmarty UV apparel by Seasons UV has 50+++SPF. Seasons UV Solutions, a leader in active wear and swimwear offers sun protection that can help keep your kids safe in the sun. But aside from wearing the right clothing or swimsuit, there are some important tips to follow. Tip number one is: remember three simple letters.  POP!  Put On Protection. Wear a hat, apply sunscreen, and don protective apparel.  It’s important to protect our skin all year round.  Even as we head into fall, it is vital to realize that the sun is still out and we still need to be mindful of sun safety.  POP! As ski season approaches, concern shifts to the reflective rays from the snow. POP! Many families will travel south for winter vacations and spring break getaways and children will be running around in bathing suits and shorts.  POP! Seasons UV is a Canadian company that has been making UV protected apparel and accessories market since 1999.    <> For a chance to win the Well on Their Way Grand Prize valued over $1,000.00, ENTER NOW at SavvyMom.

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  • Times have definitely changed. My mom still insists that she can’t develop skin cancer even though she spends hours in the sun everyday gardening (without sun protection). At least with UV protection clothing, you know your child’s skin is protected except for the extremities (face, hands etc).

    Karyn Climans on
  • I had no idea that children get that much exposure before they are 18! Crazy! We always use protection outdoors with my son. It is hard to enforce this though with the older generation like my parents who scoff when I leave a note in his diaper bag to Mage sure that he covers up and wears sunscreen. Then shai, back in the day o was allowed to sit on the center console when they drove the car…eeks!

    Kimberly on

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