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It's Tail Wags' 5-Year Anniversary in January 2011! Wow! Five years have flown by since I first established my business, Tail Wags Helmet Covers. For fun, I looked back at photos of some of my original Tail Wags designs and some of them are still my best sellers; for example, the Red Devil, Leopard, Shark and Beaver. A few of the other animals have retired including the Rockin' Rooster! I ventured in to hats for a while as well but decided there were already plenty of hat manufacturers in the marketplace and helmet covers were my specialty. I tried to find some photos of these hats but unfortunately the images were lost when my old computer crashed. Over time, I’ve become more ambitious with my sewing, which led to the creation of more elaborate designs including Foxy. Originally I only offered the helmet covers in polar fleece but today I’ve expanded the line to include micro-fleece and lycra. At first, my work was only available locally in Ontario but now Tail Wags helmet covers are available throughout North America and internationally! What’s up my sleeve for the next five years? I’m still tossing around the idea of expanding my product line but, for now, all I can say for sure is I will always introduce new designs to tickle your fancy including the new Snake and Blue Fish that are already in the works! I'll definitely post photos of them as soon as they're ready. Do you have any special requests for designs you'd like included as part of the Tail Wags product line? I've already promised a few customers a Wolf but I'm open to other suggestions! For the month of January 2011, I'll be running all kinds of specials to celebrate our 5th birthday. Hope you'll check them out on our brand new web site,

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  • Thanks Kimberly! I’d love to work with you in 2011 to help get the word out about my product line.

    Karyn Climans on
  • Congrats!!! This is such a fantastic idea and I hope that 2011 your business can boom even further!
    If you ever need to get the word out more don’t hesitate to ask me ;) I think this is such a wonderful product!

    Kimberly on

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