Balance: Difficult to Achieve

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Recently, I was asked how I’ve managed to achieve balance in my life and do you know what my answer was … Balance? What balance? It’s almost 8:00 pm and I am finally responding to the numerous business emails that arrived in my inbox today which I wasn’t able to reply to earlier because I was busy filling customer orders. My husband is working on his 2nd job - a consulting job for an international client. He has a full-time job during the day. My youngest son is studying for a test tomorrow and my eldest son is away at university – presumably studying diligently as well. I would love to pretend that I have achieved balance in my life but as a business owner (who doesn’t have the luxury of additional staff), work never seems to end. If customers are calling and ordering your product, you can’t brush them aside. When work is “finished”, there’s grocery shopping and cooking to do and, of course, the dog needs to be walked. But it’s not all work and no play. I definitely make time for my friends on a regular basis and I’m a member of a fabulous book club that I adore. We meet once a month. I also work out with a personal trainer twice a week in order to keep myself in reasonable shape. My family tries to sit down together for dinner every night but some nights even that doesn’t work out – but at least we try. Whenever possible, my family rents a movie and we watch it together. Would you describe the above as a balanced lifestyle? I call it hectic. Of course, there’s always more I’d like to accomplish and squeeze in to my schedule but I find my work rewarding. I’d choose my situation any day over a 9 to 5 pm job I hated. Besides how many of us have jobs and family lives that are balanced these days? I often hear parents describe their daily schedules as stressful. There’s not much leisure time left after juggling the kids, after school programs, homework, long hours at work, a lengthy commute to and from work, and household related chores. If any one has any suggestions for finding greater balance in their lives, I’d love to hear from you. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to juggle the many aspects of my life that keep me busy and stimulated.

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  • Kim: I agree that if you enjoy what you’re doing, it won’t feel like work. You’ve had a tough year so, of course, it’s hard to achieve balance. I hope things get easier for you soon.

    Karyn Climans on
  • I am definitely struggling with finding balance. It’s been a lot easier sinceive been home from work but still…it’s hard. I think the thing to keep on mind is doing things that you enjoy and that beings a smile to your face in the middle of all the work. Happiness is so important.

    Kimberly on

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