Women Have A Powerful Voice!

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Ladies, it is time to make ourselves heard! There’s a Federal election around the corner and it’s our chance to make sure the issues we feel strongly about are on the election agenda. What better way for women to join forces and be heard than through the Internet? Twitter, blog sites and Facebook are powerful tools. Did you know mom bloggers are considered one of the most powerful blocs in North America? Let’s make sure the voice of women overpowers the message of other powerful lobby groups. Who would you rather the politicians listen to … the gun lobbyists, the oil industry or us! Women make up 51% of the population but politicians rarely give high priority to our issues: childcare, education, and children’s mental health services. I’ve always believed the squeaky wheel gets the oil so I’m determined to become increasingly squeaky! Currently the Canadian government is poised to spend $30 billion on fighter jets. Let the government know you’d rather see that money spent on programs and services to support families. There was a great article in the Globe & Mail this week about mommy bloggers. There is a core group of Canadian mom bloggers trying to galvanize women around election issues online. They are using the new Twitter hashtag #momthevote. As of last week, social media observers pegged the hashtag’s reach at about 430,000 impressions and there are about 17,000 tweets going out daily about the election. So what issues would you like to see gain more prominence in this election? There’s two more weeks to go before election day so it’s not too late for women to make a huge difference. Keep in mind that “Together We Are Stronger” and start tweeting with the hashtag #momthevote! One more thing: PLEASE VOTE on election day. If you don't vote, you definitely won't be heard!

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  • I agree it’s disgusting that our concerns fall to the bottom of the pile. Can you imagine the impact women would have on the election results if every Canadian woman voted (we are 51% of the population)!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Last week I took part in a telephone conference with the MPP in our area. It was a live conference. I waited very impatiently to have my question answered regarding wait times to see a specialist and I never had the chance to ask it. There were 11, 000 people on the line!!
    But I did tweet using hashtags but they never replied to them.
    You better believe that I will be voting!

    Kimberly on

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