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[caption id="attachment_1493" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Behind the Scenes at the Dragons' Den"][/caption] Maybe I’m old fashioned but I still think that if you want to succeed, you need to dress the part. On Sunday, I was shocked to see how some of the other entrepreneurs dressed for their pitch to the Dragons on the Dragons’ Den. One of the business people was wearing old blue jeans and a sloppy looking t-shirt. Even his hair looked as if he had just crawled out of bed. Perhaps I put too much emphasis on what I wore as well as my make-up and hair but I wanted to make sure I looked and FELT like a successful businesswoman! It gave me a tremendous amount of confidence to know I looked my best. When you’re on National television asking for a significant amount of money, doesn’t it make sense to make an effort to appear professional? After all, who would turn up for a job interview or appointment at the bank asking for a loan in sweatpants? What do you think? Should people be allowed to wear whatever they want, whenever they want or does it demonstrate a lack of respect?

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  • Thanks! The Dragons’ Den segment will air in the upcoming Season 6 (Fall 2011 or Winter 2012). I’ll definitely keep you posted as soon as I know the exact date. The taping was done at the CBC building in Toronto at John St. & Front St. It’s so cool to see the behind the scenes operations of a TV show.

    Karyn Climans on
  • I certainly give more credit to those who “look the part.” You looked great! Any idea when it airs? Where was the taping?

    Wombat Central on

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