Biking for Fun & Fitness

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There’s an article in today’s Globe & Mail encouraging immigrants to get fit and “fit in” by cycling within their communities. However the message of this article applies to all of us: Biking is a fantastic way to communicate, be with others, and have a sense of participating in the movement of your city. The fact that you’re getting exercise, fresh air and saving money on gas by not taking your car for a drive are additional benefits. Every time I ride my bike, I experience my neighbourhood in a way that’s impossible when I’m driving my car. People smile as I ride by and I typically stop and chat with friends along the way. It helps that I’m wearing my Princess helmet cover with the pink tulle floating behind me as I’m riding along – people are intrigued by the look and it breaks down the barriers when people want to wave hello. I also love the fact that I can stop at the bank or post office & pick up videos from the local video store without worrying about finding a parking spot and feeding the parking meter. When was the last time you took your bike out for a spin around your neighbourhood? The people you meet and the feeling of wellness you experience might surprise you. Besides what do you have to lose – it’s one of the few FREE activities remaining.

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  • Thanks Demi! I really hope you get the motivation to bike ride more often. It’s great exercise as well as a relaxing way to enjoy your community.

    Karyn Climans on
  • I really like biking but sometimes I just need more motivation for it. I also like those covers that you got they are so cute.

    Demi on
  • Thank you so much Nate! The Princess helmet cover is certainly popular with little girls.

    Karyn Climans on
  • I love biking. Seriously it is so great. And I love those helmets. My daughter is 4 and she would freak over that princess helmet. lol.

    Nate on
  • I was so super excited when my neighbor started wearing a helmet. He rides everywhere. So glad that he finally got one!

    Kimberly on

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