Bike To Work Day

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On Monday, May 30th, cities across Ontario are coordinating events to celebrate Bike To Work Day. What a great way to save money on gas, help the environment, get some exercise, and feel invigorated when you arrive at work! If you live in Toronto and work downtown, you can join in the fun by riding in Toronto’s Group Commute to City Hall: you’ll be welcomed with a free t-shirt and a pancake breakfast! For more details, click here: Of course, kids are encouraged to ride their bikes to school as well. Please make sure they’re wearing their safety helmets! Perhaps your school can arrange to give out free glasses of lemonade for every child that arrives on bike. If you ask your local McDonald’s, they might even be willing to donate a large cooler of cold drinks. In fact, May 30th is just the kick-off to a month long series of Biking events in Toronto. These events are community driven and they take place citywide. You can learn more about these events at: Although I don’t need to ride to work because I work at home, I have made a commitment to avoid using the car all day. I’ll be using my bike to get to the post office and bank. How about you? Have you pumped up your bike tires and oiled your bike chain in preparation for Bike to Work Day?

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  • I never knew that this existed! Thanks for sharing this and I’ll be sure not to use my car either!

    Kimberly on

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