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How many times have I had to tell people NO it’s not a dog product? In other words, I haven’t done a good job of branding my own product line. So it’s time for change at Tail Wags Helmet Covers! Not to worry … I won’t be changing the name of my company. After all, Tail Wags is now the #1 ranked helmet cover in Canada and we’re not far behind in the United States. My goal for Tail Wags is to be #1 ranked in the world! I know that’s a tall order but I honestly believe Tail Wags are the most adorable helmet covers available. So I’ve decided to change our tag line. It’s currently “Make A Statement” and although that’s what I truly believe our product does, it doesn’t convey a clear message about the essence of Tail Wags. Everyone who sees our logo should instantly know our product is designed to make safety FUN! Here’s a list of some of the tag lines I’ve gathered so far:
  • Combining Safety & FUN
  • Putting FUN back in to safety
  • Putting FUN into safety
  • Making Safety Fun
  • Keeping your head safe and your tail wagging!
  • Play Fun, Play Safe (although someone mentioned this is the War Amps tag line – I’m currently checking copyright/trademark issues)
  • Use your head, play safe!
Now I have a favour to ask all of you: I’d love your feedback. Do you have a favourite amongst the above suggestions? Can you suggest any other tag lines? Why don’t you ask your kids if they have any ideas? No suggestion is too outrageous because that’s the nature of brainstorming. Sometimes an idea you have will spur further ideas or you may be the person who comes up with the winning tag line and, if you are, I’ll give you a $100.00 gift certificate towards Tail Wags Helmet Covers. Please note: this offer applies to the 1st person who submits the winning slogan! Thanks in advance for your help. I can’t wait to read your submissions.

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  • I can’t get over all of the creative, fun tag lines that are being submitted (including yours). Thank you so much!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Fun and safe without fail, so come on, wag your tail! – Tail Wags Helmet Covers

    Jodi aka Karmicevolution on
  • Who says you’re not a marketing guru. You’ve provided some great ideas. I’ll keep you updated on the finalists. Thanks!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Awesome suggestions. Definitely some great ideas. Thanks for your suggestions!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Love this tag line. This will probably be a finalist! I’ll keep you posted.

    Karyn Climans on

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