I Haven't Forgotten

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I decided to write a letter to my dad in honour of Father's Day. Although I can't deliver the letter to heaven (especially with a Canada Post strike on at the moment), I believe my dad is reading every one of my words. Dear Dad, It’s been 23 years since you passed away but I haven’t forgotten you or the special things you always did when we were young. I remember the annual camping trips we took together when we canoed through the Kawartha Lakes and then pitched a tent each night in a different location. Dinner out of a can never tasted as good as it did on those evenings. I remember the time I called you in a panic from Kingston when I was a university student because the new tenants showed up at my door ready to move in and I hadn’t even started packing. You jumped in your car, rented a U-Haul and drove 3 hours to Kingston in order to help me successfully move. After shifting me to my new apartment, you headed back to Toronto (another 3 hour drive) and showed up for work the next day (on zero sleep). There are plenty of things I wasn’t even aware you did but have been reminded of lately. Jane (my sister) mentioned you helped Rod (her husband) get his first architecture job. It launched his successful career as an architect – he now owns his own thriving firm. When Jeff (my husband) and I moved in to our 1st apartment and Jeff couldn’t hang a picture frame let alone curtains, you came to the rescue and taught Jeff some basic handyman skills. Jeff still struggles with certain tasks around the house but that’s because our time on earth with you was cut too short. I know you would have taught Jeff everything he needed to know if you were still around today. You never saw any of your kids get married although you knew each of our long-term partners before you died. You never had the chance to see us move in to our first homes or meet any of your grandchildren. But you would have been proud! All of us have grown up in to hard working, honest and compassionate individuals. It’s Father’s Day today and I wanted you to know that your children and son-in-laws are thinking of you. I hope you’re in a “happy place”. With Much Love from Karyn Do you sometimes feel as a parent as if your kids don’t recognize or appreciate the endless little things you do for them? Parenting sometimes feels like a thankless job especially when young kids don’t tell you, “You’re doing a great job”! But I am absolutely certain our special efforts are not forgotten and one day our children will appreciate everything we’ve done for them.

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  • Beautiful post!

    Perhaps one day I’ll be able to write a letter to my father too. Perhaps….

    Claudia Petrilli on
  • Dear Kimberly,
    Time definitely heals but I must admit that Father’s Day opens up the wound again each year. Losing a parent is definitely hard but it would be much worse to lose a child. I have to count my blessings that my mom is happily re-married and all of us kids have gotten on with our lives!
    Thanks for posting your comment.

    Karyn Climans on
  • So so SO beautiful Karyn. I imagine Fathers’ day is a bit hard on you. I couldn’t imagine.

    Kimberly on
  • Linda: Looking forward to reading the poem you wrote for your dad!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Greetings, Karyn! Beautiful letter to your Dad. I am sure he IS proud of you all. He sounds like he was a great person.

    By the way, we seem to be on the same wave length, only I wrote a poem for my Dad. I will be posting it to my blog in a bit.

    Peace, Linda

    Linda M. Rhinehart Neas on

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