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Set-up, sell, tear-down, move to the next show and repeat all over again. In between, creating your work. It’s not easy being a traveling artist but there are literally 100’s of individuals doing it every year. Why? It’s not because they’re likely to make it rich living this lifestyle. And there are no health benefits, sick leave, paid holidays or pensions. Passion: First and foremost, artists are passionate about their work. If they didn’t LOVE it, they wouldn’t do it. Ask an artist about their art and you’ll probably get a long explanation about what inspires them and their technique. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Some of us hate the thought of being tied down to an office or 9 to 5 routine. After being a stay-at-home mom for 15 years, I was determined to work for myself and build my own business rather than returning to the regular work force. Do I have any regrets … NO! Community: The community of artists is incredibly supportive to each other. Inevitably I see the same artists at each of the different marketplace events I attend. What’s lovely is we truly care about how each of us is doing and will readily share information about the best marketplace events to attend. Freedom: No one is breathing down my neck telling me how to run my business or what designs I should be creating. I am my own boss. The funny part is I am working harder and longer hours as an entrepreneur than I did as an employee but I LOVE what I do so I don’t mind the frantic pace. Do you love your job? Do you secretly wish you were running your own business? If yes, what’s your dream?

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  • Thanks Matt! I don’t think I could ever work for someone else again. I love the freedom of being my own boss.

    Karyn Climans on
  • ….and that feeling when you are sitting in an office and someone is watching over you comes rushing back the second you go back to it, – do not go back keep at it, it seems hard sometimes working long hours for no pay but you just cant look at it like that :)

    Matt on
  • You go girl!

    Kathryn Shanley on
  • Kimberly: With your incredible writing skills, I’m confident you will be your own boss one day!

    Karyn Climans on
  • That has to be an amazing feeling. I wish I was my own boss ;)

    Kimberly on

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