A Bit of Boredom is Better

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A little bit of boredom never hurt anyone. In fact, in moderation, it’s actually good for us.  Downtime gives us a chance to re-focus our thoughts and allows the creative juices to start flowing again. When we’re constantly on the go, our minds are on autopilot, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Our most creative thinking often happens when we’re not thinking. I know that sounds strange but solutions to problems are often discovered when you’re not actively thinking about the issue. When I was at university and I was at a standstill when writing an important paper, I used to go for long runs. Inevitably, by the time I came back from exercising, the answer to the problem was evident. Kids need a chance to let their minds and bodies relax too. Today, we sometimes make the mistake of over-programming our kids and this can lead to burn out. So the next time you’re kids say they’re bored, tell them it’s not necessarily a bad thing! What are your kids up to this summer? Have you built in downtime in your vacation plans?

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  • Thanks for posting your comment, Jim! I totally agree with your strategy – will definitely lead to some good organizational & coping skills for your daughter. Also, everyone needs to learn to be able to sit still with their feelings (some people are always running away from their emotions).

    Karyn Climans on
  • I certainly agree with the down time for adults and children. My wife and I have been making our daughter every night after dinner just to kick back an relax and ponder the day. We create conversation and discuss tomorrows events with her.We have noticed it has developed some positive habits.She now seems to prepare her the next day the night before. She is only going to be in first grade, but it will have such a great impact in her organization skills and she is even saying she likes to prepare so she does not forget anything in the morning rush. Thats my girl :)

    jim on
  • Kimberly: I am so thrilled to hear you are going to take some time to just “be”. I totally get it! You have had a really rough year and you deserve a chance to take care of yourself now … 1st & foremost you need to make yourself number one! Sending good wishes your way!

    Karyn Climans on
  • I totally agree. I am about to take some serious downtime for myself because i just need to “be” if that makes sense. It’s hard to keep going and going…I’m feeling the burn that’s for sure. My munchkin is only 2 and i wished that he would get bored ;)

    Kimberly on

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