3 Fun Ways to Stay Cool During The Heat Wave!

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The heat is starting to get to most of us so when I read the following blog post, written by Bunchland,, I immediately asked for their permission to share this article with you. Hope you like it! Even more important, I hope you find ways to cool off during this heat wave!!! Are the kids getting too much screen time and not enough scream time this summer? Yeah, it’s crazy hot outside, and it sure is tempting to turn up the A/C and sprawl on the couch in front of a Bunchbrary-recommended movie. But it’s entirely possible to get outside and not boil over without hitting the beach, installing a pool or buying your weight in popsicles. Grab the kids, the neighbours and the neighbours’ kids, and check out these backyard games guaranteed to keep you cool! Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen after every water activity! 1. Water Limbo Instead of a broomstick or rope, players have to pass underneath a stream of water coming out of a hose. As the jet inches lower each round, everyone has to work their back-bends to avoid getting splashed and losing the game. But if it’s terribly hot out, the real winner might be the wettest one. 2. Cold Potato Poke a small hole in a water-filled balloon, and use it to play Hot Potato. Everyone will cool off when it’s their turn, but be warned: this game may lead to a full-on water balloon fight! 3. Fill the Bucket Race You’ll need two teams, two buckets per team, a plastic cup for each player and a lot of water. Place each team’s buckets a fixed distance apart and fill one of each team’s with water. Players must fill their plastic cups with water from the full bucket and run to pour it in the empty one. The team that transports the most – and spills the least! – amount of water in however many minutes wins! Variation for extra coolness: Get a grownup to poke a hole in the bottom of each cup and while each kid is transporting the full cup of water, they hold the cup over their head. What are your favourite water games to play in the backyard?

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