My House is in Chaos

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The bags are packed and ready to go with my sons to university. Tail Wags orders are boxed and sitting in my living room and dining room ready for shipping. The marketplace inventory is stacked in my basement corridor ready for my next exhibitor event next weekend. Pee and poop stains are accumulating on the carpeting despite our best efforts to clean up whenever our new puppy has an accident. The puppy’s new training cage is sitting in the middle of our living room along with all of the other boxes. I could go on but I think you’re getting the idea … my house is in chaos and it’s embarrassing! I had an important business meeting at my house yesterday and I spent the first ten minutes after they arrived apologizing for the clutter. Even though I resigned myself to the realization I will never earn a good housekeeping award with 2 businesses, 2 teenagers and 2 large dogs in my house, I always prided myself on a clean home. But the way it looks right now is definitely the worst it has ever been! Thank goodness, some of the stuff will disappear when my sons leave for university early next week. The Fall orders for my business will start shipping this month. The carpet cleaners are booked for next Friday and the dog cage will be redundant in a few more months. Even though I realize the situation is temporary, it’s really bugging me! Most of you have probably heard of the television show about hoarders. I’ve only caught glimpses of this show but the images are outrageous. How can people live surrounded by so much junk? I’m having difficulty concentrating on my work (I work from home) with so much stuff stockpiled around me and I don’t have even one tenth of the amount of junk the hoarders have accumulated. What is it about “stuff” that people become so attached to? I would truly love to throw half of the contents out of my house on to the front lawn or even better give it away to charity but none of my stuff is accumulated junk. I’ve never been a hoarder but our house is relatively small and my family would never forgive me if I gave away their golf clubs, scuba equipment, tennis racquets, and skis & snowboards (the sports equipment alone is enough to fill any regular sized bedroom). Of course, it would help if I moved my business, Tail Wags Helmet Covers, in to another facility. But I love working at home and the business couldn’t support the rent on a warehouse at this point. I wish there was an easier solution. It certainly would be easy to b-r-e-a-t-h-e if every inch of this house wasn’t jam-packed! What about you? Do you have a hard time keeping up with the amount of stuff in your house and/or office?

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  • Thanks for visiting my blog site. I’m about to hit the road to drive my eldest son back to Queen’s U. My living room already looks better. 2nd son leaves on Tuesday – he’s just finishing his job at Ontario Place. You’re right … slowly but surely I’ll get it all done.
    I’m with you. The chaos accumulated by hoarders would kill me too.

    Karyn Climans on
  • —poppin’ over via Kimberly’s blog.
    “Hoarders?” I cannot watch it. Seriously. I get very nervous. I can feel my blood pressure rising. Doesn’t it make you wonder how one can sleep, eat, and live with piles all over. OOOOhhhh.
    Just take a little at a time. You’ll get it done.
    The pups are so cute :)

    My Inner Chick on
  • A totally appropriate and healthy stage of life Marcy! Hope you stick to your resolve.

    Karyn Climans on
  • I’m counting the minutes now until the kids are gone. I will miss them but not their stuff. Now that they are both in their 4th years at University it seems their piles of stuff are growing. As these leave this year I have adopted a new theme for my life “diminished parenting”. I have told them are welcome to come and stay anytime they want but cannot bring anything more than an overnight bag. Let’s just see if I can practice what I preach.

    Marcy Berg on
  • I think your 1 in & 1 out rule sounds amazing! Congratulations on your 40th! I’ve always said life just kept getting better from my 40th birthday onwards because of the confidence I gained over the years.
    Glad to hear you took a break from blogging etc this summer. We all need a chance to recharge before the busy Fall months.

    Karyn Climans on

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