The Collective Power of Women Business Owners

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[caption id="attachment_2015" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Photo by Jennifer Gilbert:"][/caption] What do you get when you put 15 women entrepreneurs plus 2 business coaches in a room together for one weekend?
  • inspiration
  • encouragement
  • support
  • sharing
  • brain-storming
  • progress
  • focus
  • building
  • planning
  • improving
  • networking
  • connecting
  • confidence building
  • new friendships
  • personal growth
  • increased energy and enthusiasm
  • additional resources
I had the pleasure of participating in a Mom Biz Retreat at the Millcroft Inn this weekend. The event was organized and guided by Lara Galloway (twitter @mombizcoach) and Shelagh Cummins (twitter@biztrainher) and it was well worth the time and the financial commitment. The mix of participants was varied. Some of us are seasoned entrepreneurs while others are just starting out. We all have totally different products or services but we all shared an enthusiasm for helping each other. The collective wisdom of this group was incredible! I’ve always said that “Together We Are Stronger” and this weekend has proved the theory ten-fold! Are you a member of a support network for your business? Who do you turn to for support?

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  • That is so wonderful!
    I hope that you learned a great deal!!! And had fun to boot!

    Kimberly on
  • Same place, same time, one year later works for me as well! So pleased to have connected with you Judy. You will be a great addition to our local Women’s Biz Group.
    Just headed off to walk the dogs. Don’t forget our regular Saturday am meeting in Sherwood Park. My dogs are looking forward to meeting Tess.

    Karyn Climans on
  • On our drive home yesterday, Joanne & I were already planning next year’s follow-up retreat (with you & Shelagh leading of course). Thank you for the opportunity to do some in depth planning for my business, Tail Wags. It’s so important to take the time away from the day to day craziness to evaluate the goals & the steps for achieving those goals.
    You are a very inspiring & insightful woman! Wish you lived in Toronto so that you can join our local Women’s Biz Network.
    Best regards,

    Karyn Climans on
  • Great post Karen. Love your word list. You captured it perfectly! Can’t wait to see what Shelagh and Lara come up with for us next year:)

    Judy ranieri on
  • Karyn, my friend—It was an honor to spend the weekend with you and all the Mom Biz Retreat women. I, too, am awed by the power, creativity, passion and intelligence of the group we had.

    I really enjoyed our morning Power Walks all through the Millcroft Inn grounds. Every corner we turned was more beautiful than the next. You are definitely the fastest walker I know! :)

    Thanks for being exactly yourself and doing things on your terms. I admire you and respect you and am grateful you shared your time with us.

    Lara Galloway
    The Mom Biz Coach
    co-founder of The Mom Biz Retreat

    Lara Galloway on

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