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Have any of you ever heard of or known someone who has used the AXE products for men? My teenage sons use the AXE body wash & deodorant and they insist it’s the only product they like. Personally I LOATHE the products. As soon as one of my sons comes in to a room wearing the product, I gag over the smell. It’s similar to the “Old Spice” products that are experiencing resurgence in popularity these days. So what is it about these products that make them so successful? I’m convinced it’s all about the advertising. AXE has effectively marketed the message to male teens that if they wear the product, young women will LOVE them. In other words, they’ll get lucky! The same applies to the Old Spice commercials that have gone viral: This ad tied the appeal of the products to the promise of sex. Logo for NOBI Foundation: Tail Wags has partnered with 2 other firms to build this Foundation.I’m actively trying to encourage teens to wear a safety helmet while biking, skating, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and rollerblading. It’s a tough sell because most teens think wearing a helmet isn’t cool. Even though I remind teens it is even less cool when someone suffers a serious head injury and their life is dramatically changed (all of a sudden they are reliant on others to help bathe them and feed them), most teens are still reluctant to bucket their brain. I recently spoke to 5 classes of Queen’s University Commerce Marketing students and I’ve challenged them to create a social media marketing campaign (for example a video) that will help make the helmet safety message “sexier”! I’ve even offered a $500.00 award to the student team that creates the most effective campaign ($500.00 buys a lot of beer). I can’t wait to see how many of them accept my challenge. Even more exciting is the prospect of seeing their final submissions. Do any of you have suggestions or recommendations for these students that will help them create campaigns that promote helmet safety amongst teens? If yes, I’d love to hear from you and I’ll certainly pass along your ideas to the students.

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