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“Designed in Canada” is not the same as “Made in Canada”! Designed in Canada may simply mean the company’s main office is located in Canada but the entire production of the product is offshore. Made in Canada means the product is produced in Canada by Canadian workers. There’s a big difference but some businesses, which manufacture in China, are trying to piggyback on the growing desire of Canadians to purchase locally made goods by tagging their products with deceptive labels. Personally, I think the practice is going to backfire on these businesses. When customers feel they have been taken advantage of, the reputation of the company that tricked them is damaged. I posted a blog recently called “Businesses Have A Responsibility To Their Customers” and judging from the feedback from my readers, once a company has lost the trust of its customers, it’s hard if not impossible to rebuild that trust. So why do businesses try to get away with labeling that is false and/or misleading? Do they honestly think customers are stupid? Tail Wags Helmet Covers are designed and lovingly made in Canada. My business supports other local businesses including fabric stores, marketing companies, printers, accountants etc. If you had to choose between locally made or manufactured overseas for the same or similar products, what would you choose?

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  • I’d choose locally made! :) I wondered something similar about a company from whom I purchase products. Their label says that the finished product is not tested on animals. That seems to imply that the components making up that product were. I think people are smart enough to figure out the difference in labeling and will lean toward a product like yours that clearly states where it was made.

    Wombat Central on
  • Dear Corinne,
    That’s pathetic when Canada pride shirts are produced in China. I really hope the trend reverses and more companies start producing in Canada again. Thank you so much for visiting my blog site and posting a comment.
    Best regards,

    Karyn Climans on
  • I have a shirt sent by my uncle who is in Montreal, with Canada print in front. But on the tag, it says made in China..

    CorinneC @ freenergydiary on
  • Sad but true!

    Karyn Climans on
  • I M Canadian! I’d buy local before imports but sadly with so many products being made in offshore countries you’d better hang onto something truly “Made In Canada”…it might become a valuable souvenir some day!

    Kathryn on

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