Canada Post Fails!

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In the spirit of the season, I am trying to be charitable and forgiving but this incident with Canada Post left me feeling “Bah Humbug”! Here’s what happened:
  • 2 Tail Wags customer orders destined for the United States were returned to me today. No reasons were provided for the returns. In fact, Canada Post never even attempted delivery of these shipments. They simply sent them back to me.
  • Of course, I contacted the Canada Post Customer Complaint phone # (888-550-6333).
  • After explaining the issue to the supervisor, I told her I expected Canada Post (at their expense) to provide Express Post shipping (2 day delivery guarantee).
  • The supervisor finally agreed to provide the Express service.
  • Here’s where things went wrong: Canada Post only offered to compensate me for the Express service MINUS the $7.46 cost per package for the Small Package service.
  • I reminded Canada Post I’d already paid $7.46 per package. Obviously I wasn’t prepared to pay TWICE for this service.
  • The supervisor accused me of not being able to do the math and told me I was being unreasonable expecting free delivery.
  • 10 minutes later and I still hadn’t convinced Canada Post I had already paid for the delivery service. The conversation bordered on the ridiculous. How do you explain to someone in a senior position within Canada Post that, in fact, she was the one who was having difficulty with the math?
  • Unfortunately I was unable to convince her that she was in the wrong and finally agreed to accept a reimbursement cheque for the difference between the cost of the Express service and the small package delivery service.
  • The Canada Post employee made it clear it was her final offer. She even threatened to hang up the phone on me.
From my perspective, the important thing is my customers receive their orders on time for the holidays. I pride myself on excellent service. That said, it’s incredibly frustrating when the service my company provides is reliant on giant corporations such as Canada Post. Canada Post operates a monopoly and they seem intent on offering unreliable service at extraordinarily high prices. We all make mistakes in business but it’s how we make amends for those errors that makes the difference between a good business and a bad one. One thing I know for certain: If I offered my customers the same service I received from Canada Post, I wouldn’t be in business any longer! It’s time things changed: Canadians deserve better from our national postal service. If you agree, please share this blog post on your social media sites. As well, feel free to share your nightmarish customer service stories.

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  • Thanks Linda! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Wow, Karyn, that is such a pain! I agree, it sounds like small business need to form a union and go to FEDEX and/or UPS and negotiate. Surely, if they are presented with an proposal, they would want to get the business from the small business population.

    Good luck and I hope your packages arrive in time for people. You have a great product!

    Peace, Linda

    Linda M. Rhinehart Neas on
  • Dear Sarah,
    I agree that it would make sense for small business to form a union that negotiated more affordable shipping rates from FedEx or UPS. I would happily take my business away from Canada Post. I already use FedEx Ground for my wholesale orders but there is a premium charged by FedEx for residential deliveries & small packages (which is why I’ve used Canada Post to date).
    Thanks for visiting my blog post & writing a comment.
    Best wishes to you and your family for the holidays.

    Karyn Climans on
  • Dear Alison,
    If Canada Post closed up shop, a company that was more reliable and affordable would quickly fill their shoes. Why do we allow inefficient companies such as Canada Post & Air Canada to run monopolies?
    Thanks for your comment!
    Best wishes for the holidays & New Year.

    Karyn Climans on
  • Earlier in the year I contacted a local news station about Canada Post. There service was so unreliable that even large companies (like stopped shipping to Canada! I had parcels take 8 weeks to deliver from Edmonton to Toronto and all Canada Post would say is that there was no tracking or guaranteed delivery time. And don’t get me started about the postal strike….

    I am also frustrated as a small business owner not having the shipping volume to receive reduced rates from companies like UPS and FedEx. I wish small business owners could come together to receive some sort of a discount. With Canada Post the most we can get with their business service is 5% off.

    Sarah on

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