"Mothers Against Naked Riding" Campaign

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It's official ... we've launched our new Tail Wags Helmet Safety Campaign: Mothers Against Naked Riding (M.A.N.R.). Some of you may be asking what this campaign has to offer YOU. My goal for the campaign is to encourage more people to wear their safety helmets when participating in sporting activities. The bottom line is … helmets save lives! Now more than ever, helmet safety has become a major social issue in the world. There are countless headlines (many tragic) that reinforce the need for people to protect their brains. From the NHL to the NFL and even the local news, people are suffering serious injuries because of damage to their heads. Our campaign is designed to spread the news that wearing a helmet may save your life and it can also be FUN. Below is a list of some of the benefits the “Mothers Against Naked Riding” campaign will deliver:
  • Give tips for making helmet-wearing FUN.
  • Offer helmet safety information.
  • Post updates regarding changes to helmet safety laws.
  • Promote helmet safety by playing an advocacy role.
  • Provide a site for moms to share their stories and passion with respect to helmet safety.
A major feature of the campaign is our "Stop Naked Riding" video. Hope you like it! We've also created a video to encourage others to join the M.A.N.R. campaign: Do you have additional suggestions? Please send me your ideas of what you’d like the campaign to do and represent. After all, I am only one voice amongst many. Collectively (as a group) we have more power, influence, and ideas that will help ensure our children are safe!

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  • Elle, you’re kidding me right?
    Whether there is scientific evidence or not (and I’d be very surprised if there isn’t) I have to believe that wearing a helmet reduces the chance of concussion. Why else would kids hockey teams, skating rinks, skateboard parks, bike rallyies, ski hills and countless others either mandate or strongly recommend the use of helmets for safety?
    I think the agenda for the M.A.N.R. campaign is to encourage safety through the use of helmets as opposed to scaring people off bicycles.
    And as an aside? I’d rather have a ‘worried safety nanny’ looking out for my kids and enforcing helmet use, instead of a negligent nanny who doesn’t!

    Judy on
  • Dear Elle,
    Thank you for your comments in response to our helmet safety campaign. There are plenty of facts to justify the need to wear safety helmets while biking, skating, skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. Of course, it would be monotonous to fill a social media campaign with endless statistical data. Clearly the intention of our campaign is not to scare people off of bikes. In fact, we are encouraging more people to ride their bikes and, in general, maintain a healthy & active lifestyle … while, at the same time, wearing a safety helmet.
    Please rest assured that the helmet industry is NOT involved in our campaign in any respect. We are simply a group of concerned moms who want to encourage kids and adults to “Play It Safe”!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Seems rather odd to start a campaign based on such a weak scientific background. There is no conclusive evidence from anywhere in the world that bicycle helmets or other safety helmets have reduced head injury rates. If your agenda is scaring people off of bicycles and having society suffer from the subsequent – and massive – rise in lifestyle illnesses and obesity, then why don’t you just say it?

    Worried safety nannies with no respect for science or public health and who refuse to make an effort to look at science and consequences are a mockery. Let me guess… you’re funded by the helmet industry, right?

    Elle on
  • Dear Dave,
    I’ll stick to one campaign at a time but thanks for your suggestion.
    Best regards,

    Karyn Climans on
  • Dear Ted,
    The message is certainly not doom & gloom. As per your argument, I am a living example of a person who was saved by their safety helmet.

    Karyn Climans on

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