Helmet Safety Controversy

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I’ve never shied away from controversy, in fact, I welcome open discussions. It’s healthy to listen to differing opinions because no one has all of the right answers (especially me)! I was pleased to receive the following comment on my blog site in response to my blog post introducing our “Mothers Against Naked Riding” campaign. Although I don’t agree with Elle’s concerns, I know there are people in the world who are not convinced helmets save lives. Here’s what Elle wrote: Seems rather odd to start a campaign based on such a weak scientific background. There is no conclusive evidence from anywhere in the world that bicycle helmets or other safety helmets have reduced head injury rates. If your agenda is scaring people off of bicycles and having society suffer from the subsequent – and massive – rise in lifestyle illnesses and obesity, then why don’t you just say it? Worried safety nannies with no respect for science or public health and who refuse to make an effort to look at science and consequences are a mockery. Let me guess… you’re funded by the helmet industry, right? Here was my response: Dear Elle, Thank you for your comments in response to our helmet safety campaign. There are plenty of facts to justify the need to wear safety helmets while biking, skating, skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. Of course, it would be monotonous to fill a social media campaign with endless statistical data. Clearly the intention of our campaign is not to scare people off of bikes. In fact, we are encouraging more people to ride their bikes and, in general, maintain a healthy & active lifestyle … while, at the same time, wearing a safety helmet. Please rest assured that the helmet industry is NOT involved in our campaign in any respect. We are simply a group of concerned moms who want to encourage kids and adults to “Play It Safe”! The above comment is only one of many left by my readers in response to the blog post about our MANR campaign. To be honest, I'm shocked at how many people still debate the need to wear a safety helmet. Where do you stand on the issue of helmet safety? Please feel free to share your ideas and beliefs.

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  • It boggles my mind that some people will debate the merits of wearing a safety helmet when it’s been proven over & over they are the most effective method of protecting our heads. It’s awesome your kids are so comfortable in their helmets that they sometimes to forget to take them off. Thanks for visiting my blog site!

    Karyn Climans on
  • In my opinion, there is no argument. My children are so accustomed to wearing their helmets, I sometimes have to remind them to take them off when they aren’t needed.

    Pam on
  • Since when did your campaign to protect kid’s brains become an anti-cycling crusade??? Rubbish!!! Remember the days when hockey players weren’t required to wear helmets…head injuries accounted for at least 50% of all serious injuries in ice hockey as well as deaths. Thank goodness your critics weren’t part of the decision to make helmets mandatory for hockey players. Keep up the fight, Karyn! It’s people like you who “walk the talk” that make the difference!

    Kathryn on
  • I don’t understand the naysayers who simply refuse to see the benefits of wearing a helmet. Thanks for sharing your expertise with my readers!

    Karyn Climans on
  • i worked in a busy children’s ER…while I don’t have exact statisitcs on the severity of injuries regarding wearing a helmet versus not wearing one….I can guarentee you that the ones who did not wear helmets suffered far more injuries than the ones who did.
    In fact, if you came in with a head injury as a result of NOT wearing a helmet, we, the ER would send you home with a brand new helmet.
    Really though what’s the risk of wearing one? None.

    Kimberly on

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