But I've Skied My Whole Life Without One

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How many times have I heard the argument "But I've skied my whole life without one so why should I start now?". Of course, I'm referring to helmet use. Why is it so difficult to get some adults to play it safe and start wearing a safety helmet? Here's my response every time:
  • When we were young, the ski resorts didn't have high speed 6 pack chair lifts so now there are more skiers on the hill at the same time.
  • Technical skis allow us to ski faster. We're carving the hills rather than traversing it slowly.
  • Snowboarders have been introduced to the mix.
  • Skiing and snowboarding has become a more mainstream sport so there are people on the slopes who are just learning the sport.
Still not convinced that wearing a helmet is the smart thing to do? Please visit a rehab hospital and meet someone whose life changed in a split second. It only takes 30 seconds of distraction or some one else skiing out of control on the hills to change your life forever. And what about biking, skating, tobogganing, skateboarding, and rollerblading. The same reasons apply why wearing a safety helmet is a good idea, for example, there are more cars on the roads these days (and a lot of drivers are driving too aggressively). If I still haven't convinced you, please consider this: it's expensive to spoon feed and bottom wipe someone for the rest of their lives! I wrote this blog post because, quite frankly, I've been shocked by the number of naysayers who have said they will be dead before they wear a helmet. Sadly, there's probably a lot of truth to that statement!

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  • Ever since a high school student was killed last year while on a ski trip, the schools have a mandatory helmet rule. Thank goodness. I was pleasantly surprised while skiing this weekend at Craigleith Ski Club that 98% of the skiers/snowboarders were wearing helmets.

    Karyn Climans on
  • Come to think of it, when we went on ski field trips in school, I’m fairly certain that we never wore helmets.
    Kind of scary to think of that. Even seasoned pros get injured and we were just inexperienced kids.

    Kimberly on

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