My Big Stinker Skunk Day

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Hope you don't mind if I share a testimonial with you that was written by a friend/customer, Christy Cook (President of I just thought what she had to say was delightful:
It’s not every day I dress up as a Big Stinker Skunk ... And, no, it wasn’t Halloween! On my son’s school ski day, I decided to shake things up a bit by wearing a Tail Wags Skunk helmet cover and the reactions I got from the students, other parent volunteers, teachers and total strangers were hilarious. Of course, there were the usual “pee-ewe” comments but there were also some really funny anecdotes. [caption id="attachment_2451" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Christy's son wearing the new "Ticked Off Bird" helmet cover."][/caption] One skier asked if he could sit beside me on the chairlift because he liked my Skunk. Not the best pick-up line but funny nevertheless. The helmet cover was also a great conversation starter. Normally when I’m skiing, people are hesitant to start up a conversation but total strangers starting gabbing away with me. One guy said he loved the idea of helmet covers and wished he had thought of it and then proceeded to tell me how his rich friend is bringing back the ‘pet rock’! But the best part of it all was how the other students were suddenly more comfortable approaching me and my son was beaming with pride because his mom was “cool” enough to sport a Skunk helmet cover. Sometimes it seems as if we take ourselves too seriously these days. Wearing something as crazy as a Skunk on my head, made me more affable. Thanks Tail Wags for making my day!
First of all, thanks Christy for writing such a lovely testimonial! What I liked best of all was your comment about people being too serious these days. I couldn't agree more ... what's wrong with letting our hair down every once in a while? Personally I think it's what keeps us young! To my readers: What have you done lately to "let your hair down"?

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  • Thanks Kimberly!

    Karyn Climans on
  • I think it’s fantastic. It really makes safety fun. And people love fun right?!

    Kimberly on

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