Women Entrepreneurs: A Growing Phenomenon

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Living the life of an entrepreneur is crazy. It’s one of the toughest careers I’ve ever pursued but it’s certainly the most rewarding. Are you the entrepreneurial type? Out of curiousity, I did some research to discover the common characteristics of entrepreneurs and here’s a summary: Entrepreneurs are disciplined and self motivated. Entrepreneurs are typically A-type personalities. Entrepreneurs like to be in control. Entrepreneurs possess plenty of self-confidence. Entrepreneurs are passionate about their products or services. Entrepreneurs are determined to succeed in life. Entrepreneurs are able to learn from their own mistakes. Entrepreneurs are willing to keep learning new skills. Entrepreneurs are good leaders and can lead a team to complete a common goal. Entrepreneurs are risk takers. It’s a good thing I didn’t read this list before I started my business, Tail Wags Helmet Covers, because I would have been completely intimidated. Six years ago, did I think I possessed all of the above traits? Certainly not! Have I been able to fine tune my skills and develop some of the characteristics I didn’t naturally possess? Yes! What this country needs are more entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are fueling our economy and Canadians can’t necessarily wait for the government or big businesses to create more jobs. In fact, the government has been forced to bail out several large corporations in recent years including the auto industry and Air Canada. [caption id="attachment_2471" align="alignright" width="130" caption="Sample of Robeez Slippers"][/caption] One of the most encouraging pieces of news I’ve heard lately is women entrepreneurs are spearheading the fastest growing segment of our economy, small businesses. Women, like myself, who discovered a need or gap in services and decided to take on the challenge by fulfilling that demand. Robeez is a business success story: the original owner/mom was tired of baby slippers that were constantly being lost because toddlers kicked them off. So she created adorable leather slippers that stayed on! Three years after she started her business, she sold it for ten million dollars! Today Robeez slippers are available across North America in big box and small boutique retailers. How many times have you thought of a product you’d love to buy and been unable to locate it in the stores? Here’s your opportunity to start your own business. Yes, it’s difficult to start a new business venture but women are proving that it’s possible and the rewards can be immense both financially and emotionally! What would you need to get started on the road to becoming an entrepreneur?

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  • Running a blog and attracting advertisers/sponsors is definitely the same as being an entrepreneur! I’ve always said that it’s easy to spend money but very difficult to earn it. Your blog is clearly successful so you should pat yourself on the shoulder over your success!

    Karyn Climans on
  • i think it’s fantastic that more women are stepping out in front.
    I’m not an entrepeneur … but I do try to sell myself (sounds weird)/blog to get advertisements/sponsors to cover my webhosting fees. Also to get more sponsored posts.
    It’s really really really hard so I commend you in all that you do.
    Every penny that I make no matter how big or small goes a long way when i’m not working ;)

    Kimberly on

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