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Proving one person can make a HUGE difference, Helene Campbell (a 20-year-old Ottawa resident) began an organ and tissue donation crusade less than one month ago. Using the social media as her platform, Helene originally tweeted Justin Bieber and asked for his support in spreading the message there is a critical shortage of organ donations. Justin Bieber was quick to respond and sent out a plea on Helene’s behalf to his millions of followers. Shortly afterwards registration on Ontario’s Trillium Gift of Life Network website,, gained 1,300 new donors. Since then, they’ve been averaging 160 a day, which is a significant jump from the 50 new registrants per day that Trillium was averaging before Helene Campbell’s campaign. After succeeding with Bieber, Helene turned her sights to Ellen DeGeneres, making a direct appeal to the popular talk show host in a video on her website, Last Thursday, Helene’s campaign was featured via Skype on the Ellen show. What’s particularly inspiring about Helene’s campaign is she is currently on the wait list for a double lung transplant. Rather than worrying about her own needs, Helene has made it her mission to help ALL patients currently waiting for organ transplants. Did you know that only 20% of Ontarians have registered their consent to be an organ and tissue donor? What can you do to help? Please start by making sure you are on the list. It only takes 3 minutes to sign up and one donor can save up to 8 lives. Furthermore, please spread awareness of this campaign by sharing this blog post with your followers. There are over 1500 patients on the donor wait list and they are counting on your support!

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  • Good point Kimberly! The doctors’ 1st obligation is to YOU if you’re a patient. The organ donations aren’t even considered if there is any chance of saving the patient’s life.

    Karyn Climans on
  • Working in an ER….although for peds….we had to deal with some very tragic situations. In those cases we would ask the parents of they would donate their organs to the Gift Of Life.
    Some people think that if you sign up to donate, that doctors wont try hard to save you…and that is completely untrue.
    You can help change someone’s life. And AND you can choose which organs you don’t want donated.

    Kimberly on

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