Life is Good!

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It’s mid March and I’m sitting on my back patio drinking a glass of wine. I’m wearing a tank top and shorts and I’m still hot. My dogs are sitting with me … the German Shepherd is busy trying to protect me from planes flying overhead (she barks furiously every time they fly by until she successfully scares them away). Meanwhile my Golden Retriever is eating all of the black ants that wonder by. I remember as clear as if it was yesterday, sitting in my kitchen last year in mid-May and feeling sorry for myself because it was cold and dreary outside. This year couldn’t be more of a contrast. The leaves of our old Elm tree are already budding and my garden is full of early Spring shoots. The local bike shop has been busy for the past week with people buying new bikes or tuning up their old bikes. The streets are packed with people walking, jogging, and pushing strollers. There’s a line-up of customers at the ice-cream parlour. Everyone has a smile on their face and a cheery ‘hello’. I’m assuming everyone else is finding it as difficult to work on this beautiful day as I am. Even the social media sites are slower than usual because who wants to work when it’s this gorgeous outside. It’s times like these that I remind myself how incredibly lucky I am. Life is Good!

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  • I’m finding the same thing. The sunshine really picks up the spirits! Enjoy!!!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Amen.
    If we were experiencing last years weather right now, I fear my mental state would be far worse then it is now.
    That sun, that warm gentle breeze, the sounds of birds….it has a lot of power to heal broken souls.
    Enjoy it my friend ;)
    Ps. My dog does the same thing…weirdo

    Kimberly on
  • Thanks Joel for visiting my blog site. I wish I knew the location of the beach but I took the image from the web after a google search. We are loving our Golden Retriever puppy as well. He makes me laugh every single day!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Golden Retrievers are good dogs, and they are fun. My brother has one, and he’s only 3 years old. Where is that beach in the photo?

    Joel on

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