Babies and Bike Carriers

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Parents frequently ask when it’s okay to put a baby in a bike carrier on the back of a bike so I thought I’d try to clarify some of the confusion. The MOST important consideration is head control! If your baby’s head is going to flop from side to side when you turn a corner on your bike, it’s clearly too early to put them in a carrier or a chariot (pulled behind your bike). The earliest recommended age by pediatricians is 9 months although some doctors say it shouldn’t be earlier than one year of age. Babies MUST wear a safety helmet when riding in a bike carrier and/or chariot! This photo of Pink and her husband taking their baby for a bike ride sends the wrong message! For the record, I contacted the magazine and complained they are sending a bad message to parents when they publish photos of kids or adults not wearing proper safety gear. There are several different models of bike carriers on the market. I would definitely recommend the ones that sit on the back of your bike over the ones fitted on the front. The reason is front carriers are more difficult to handle. It’s easier to turn the bike when the centre of gravity is in the middle of the bike. Biking is a great family activity and it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors again. But please do it responsibly by wearing the proper safety gear and it goes without saying that parents should role model the need for safety helmets by wearing them too! Do you bike ride as a family? How old are your kids?

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  • I know you regularly ride your bikes as a family! Happy riding!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Whoops! They are now 7 & 9 and wearing helmets is part of our routine on bikes and scooters.

    Wombat Central on
  • For shame, Pink!

    After hearing from a couple parents who had accidents with the baby on the back of the bike, we decided to get a trailer. The kids rode in style (with helmets, of course) and loved it. Now that they’re older

    Wombat Central on

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