Absent Minded or Brain Injury?

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Mathematics always came easily to me. In fact, I was the kid other high school students envied because I was pulling off high 90’s in all grade 13 math courses. But somewhere along the way, I lost that ability. What happened? Is it the old case of “use it or lose it” or was it one of the many after effects of the concussion I suffered from my skiing accident? It’s actually been bugging me lately although I’m not about to undergo brain scans and tests to receive an actual diagnosis. But it is certainly an indication that the message about helmet safety, concussions and brain injuries will never be out of date. Parents routinely tell me stories about what happened to them, their kids and friends during various sporting accidents or routine falls on the ice. It reminds all of us that we vulnerable – it can happen to anyone! Do you know someone who has suffered a concussion or head injury? If yes, how did it happen?

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  • Sometimes I wonder how any of us survived childhood!

    Karyn Climans on
  • My sister-in-law fell out of a tree when she was a kid. She was way up high. I believe she lost the hearing in one ear, but it’s quite possible the impact was more extensive than that.

    Pam on
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  • What are hypobaric treatments? I can only imagine the stress on your friend’s family for 2 years while her husband was recovering. Thank goodness he is now living a more normal life!

    Karyn Climans on
  • My husband’s friend had a massive concussion. They were playing baseball and he was on first. They got caught in a “hot box” and he turned his head for a split second and got hit with a ball right at the base of his skull.
    It took him 2 years to be able to drive a car again…to be able to work…to be able to sit up without the room doing loopy loops.
    It was awful.
    He ended up trying hypobaric treatments and surprisingly it helped tremendously. While the effects of the injury will never leave him fully, he is now able to live unlike those 2 years he spent in a darkened room.
    Concussions are no joke.

    Kimberly on

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