Ridiculous & Absurd: Good for a Laugh!

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The following headlines don't require an introduction ... they are stupidity at its best!

Looking for more good laughs? Ellen DeGeneres regularly posts images of silly signs and billboards. You can view some of them at:

If you've got more to share, I'd love to see them! Hope I've brought a smile to your face today.

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  • Thank goodness we still have our sense of humour! It’s the only thing preventing me from going crazy some days. Glad it helped you too!

    Karyn Climans on
  • This is hilarious. Thank you so much for the laugh!!! I really needed that.

    Kimberly on
  • Glad they brought a smile to your face. Cheers!

    Karyn Climans on
  • These are hilarious!

    Tracie on
  • How much are these people being paid to write this nonsense? LOL

    Karyn Climans on

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