Bad Manners is Bad Business

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When I returned to my office this afternoon, there were several phone messages waiting for me. One of them took me by surprise. Here’s the message: “I have been trying to reach you for weeks but you never answer your business line. It’s not good for business when you don’t answer your phone.” He then left me his phone number and, of course, I returned his call immediately. What surprised me was he had not left any voice messages previously. I pride myself on answering all calls promptly and would never NOT return a call. Interestingly, when I reached him, he asked if he could call me right back because he was tied up with another matter and promised to call back within 30 minutes. Of course, I never heard back from him. Goodness knows what he wanted. Was he a salesman? It just struck me as bad manners that he would accuse me of poor customer service … and yet he is the one who didn’t return my call. Have you received poor customer service from a company? How did you respond?

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  • Always and forever Canadian Tire. I have a lot of stories about them. UGH.

    Kimberly on
  • Astonishing that some businesses are not using the most powerful marketing tool (social media) to connect with their customers. It’s a wasted opportunity!

    Karyn Climans on
  • I second that! Yet, many businesses still do not track share of voice and have NO idea what the world is saying.

    Diana Yazidjian on
  • Have you turned to social media to try and get Canadian Tire to listen to your concerns? It’s amazing how quickly companies will respond when they know the world is listening to your conversation.

    Karyn Climans on

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