Take Shelter & Wear a Helmet!

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Take Shelter and Wear a Helmet! I’ve always promoted wearing a safety helmet for active sports but there’s another reason helmet wearing makes good sense: your helmet may protect you during life threatening storms. This is a true story: A young boy, Augie, and his mother, Natalie Gonzalez, had just returned home from baseball practice when the sirens around them began wailing and, from the west, a tornado roared through a screening rain wall. Gonzalez instructed Augie to tie on his helmet, thinking of potential debris thrown up by the funnel. When it hit their home, the toilet was ripped from the floor and thrown through the air, striking Augie in the skull. The bicycle helmet he was wearing most likely saved the young man’s life, or at the very least prevented massive damage to the skull or brain. The UAB Injury Control Research Center in December published a paper promoting the use of helmets during tornado threats and is urging the Centers for Disease Control to include helmets in its tornado preparedness messages: Here’s their logo: "Don't be scared, Be prepared: Make a helmet part of your safety plan!"

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  • Wow that’s an amazing story – proves the old saying that you should always listen to your mother.

    Staja Photography on
  • Until I read the article, it had not occurred to me that helmets would be useful during tornadoes. Learn something new every day!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Great advice! I’d actually not thought of this one… Living in Golden, I was protected by the mountains, with little threat from tornadoes. Now I’m 30 miles East of there, on the plains, and we’ve already had one tornado spotted near here (no damages, though). I’ll definitely have to remember this one.

    Belinda on
  • Thanks for visiting my blog site and posting a comment!

    Karyn Climans on

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