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Have you ever had an MRI? I have and they are pretty scary procedures especially when it’s your 1st time. The machines are noisy and you’re forced to lie still for long periods of time in a confined space. So imagine how young kids feel when they need an MRI … usually they’re terrified which is why Jenny Archibald, an Oakville based mom of two kids, wrote “Arnie’s MRI”. Jenny is a psychometrist who has worked for many years with children who have suffered head injuries. She wanted a children’s book that would help ease the anxiety experienced by kids before their scheduled appointments. This book is the collaborative work of Jenny and The Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. The main character is Arnie, an Armadillo. While riding his bike (without a helmet), Arnie hits a pothole in the road and ends up flying over his front handlebars and suffers a serious bump to his head and a crack along the left side of his shell. The doctor tells Arnie he will need an MRI and proceeds to explain what the procedure involves. What I like is the analogy provided between a space ship and an MRI! The graphics in the book are adorable and the book is told in very simple terms so even young children will understand. Hopefully your kids will never have to have an MRI but if they do, you’ll be glad of this resource. The book is a great read for all young children because the message that it’s important to wear a safety helmet is woven throughout! The author, Jenny Archibald, has generously provided 2 books for me to provide to 2 lucky winners. If you’re interested in a copy, please write a comment below indicating you’d like a copy. First come, first served! Of course, I’ll need your mailing address, which you can send to me via email to

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  • You are in luck Karen because I still have a copy of Arnie’s MRI left and I’m delighted you will be using it to educate children. Please email your mailing address to: and I’ll send the book right away.
    Best regards,

    Karyn on
  • Since March is Brain Injury Awareness month, I was looking for a book that was age appropriate for elementary students. I am the school nurse and would like to receive a copy of the book, ’Arnie’s MRI’ if it is still available. Thanks.

    Karen kendrick on

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