Motherhood is the Toughest Job

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Motherhood is the toughest job. Even though society likes to depict motherhood as all love and hugs and sweetness, the reality for a lot of moms is very different. As the mom of 2 special needs kids, I spent my kids’ early childhood feeling insecure that I wasn’t a good enough mom because my reality didn’t match the image of motherhood I anticipated before becoming a parent. And there are thousands of moms suffering from postpartum depression (PPD), which makes the early years of parenting a nightmare. That is why I took particular offense to the recent cover of Time Magazine that asked, “Are you Mom Enough?” It wasn’t the article about Attachment parenting that bothered me because I think it’s healthy to have open discussions about different parenting styles. But to set off a debate about whether a woman is “mom enough” is unhelpful and, in fact, counterproductive! There are 1000’s of moms in the world already suffering from feelings of inadequacy and needless guilt. Why would Time Magazine want to fan those flames? I’m writing this post on Mother’s Day because it seems particularly timely to point out that ALL moms need the support of the community. It’s not always a bed of roses in the world of parenting. Why can’t we do a better job about celebrating the women who are doing the best to raise their children every day of the year for the rest of their lives? I did enjoy, however, the following video about Moms: How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? What was your reaction to the Time Magazine article? Would love to hear your perspective too!

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  • Hey Karyn, hope you had a great mother’s day.

    We spent mother’s day in Florida, that day I took my two year old to meet Elmo. I was certainly mom enough for him that day… ;)

    I did not read or see the article you wrote about, but I certainly know the pressures surrounding the “are you mom enough” mind set. Although I never felt that weight myself, I (and maybe I was too sensitive) felt it from my husband and his family when my son was newborn.
    Now I just shrug it off, I know I am run ragged, so if it’s not enough by someone else’s…tough!

    silentchatter on
  • The Time article was definitely offensive. Why don’t you write a post about it too for your blog?

    Karyn Climans on
  • As a PPD survivor this article made me sick to my stomach….not only do women with PPD struggle so do moms that don’t have it…we all need validation that we are doing a good job and this article was a slap in the face.
    Thank you for speaking up against it!
    And I hope you had a wonderful mothers day xo

    Kimberly on
  • Thank goodness you had the confidence to shrug off the self doubt. I struggled for years until I finally said, “enough is enough”. Thank you so much for visiting my blog site and sharing your thoughts.

    Karyn Climans on

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