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I was not the easiest child to parent. Don’t get me wrong … I did well in school and never got involved in drugs but I was often referred to as a “spirited” child. In other words, I was stubbornly independent and I challenged my parents when rules were set. Interestingly, those are the same qualities that have helped me as the owner of my own small business. Entrepreneurs seem to possess certain qualities that lend themselves well to carving out a niche business but these same characteristics in a young child can make it hard for their parents. Here are a few examples: Entrepreneurs tend to ask endless questions. Some children also seem to ask non-stop questions and their favourite words are how, why, when and where. Entrepreneurs usually possess the same level of curiosity; it is what prompts them to explore the possibilities of the world around them. Great small business owners typically prefer being in control of their own destiny and will choose this lifestyle over the security of a corporate position. Similarly, as youngsters, future entrepreneurs will push the limits rather than accepting the rules imposed by their parents.  What others perceive as risky behaviour by some children is simply them figuring out how to overcome the challenge of not wanting to conform.  Children who don’t take no for an answer are intrinsically driven to get creative in order to succeed in furthering their own agenda. We’re also action oriented and highly motivated. I remember my parents challenging me to sit in a chair for 5 straight minutes when I was 5 years old (see -  I can even put a positive spin on a time-out punishment).  Guess what … I couldn’t do it – probably because it didn’t suit me. I had far more productive things to do with my time! Do the above characteristics sound familiar in your kids? If so, you may have a budding entrepreneur on your hands.  It may not be much consolation when you’re trying to convince them that you’re the parent and you get to set the rules, but hang in there.  You will bask in their future success and one day, they will make you very proud!

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  • Thanks Vicky! I haven’t seen you on Facebook lately & I was beginning to worry. Hope all is okay at your end. Thinking of you!

    Karyn Climans on
  • What a great article Karyn. I see these qualities in my son who tends to think ’Outside the Box". So good for children to be encouraged to ask questions. So many entrepreneurs look at problems and rather than accept them will look at ways to solve them. Keep up the great articles!

    Vicky Harrison on
  • Dear Meri,
    My sons have also been a challenge to parent but they’ve grown up in to lovely young men. Hang in there! There is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Best regards,

    Karyn Climans on
  • Love this post! As the mama of a spirited child, this is very consoling! Thank you!

    Meri on
  • All we can do is keep fostering those qualities!

    Karyn Climans on

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