Naked For A Cause!

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It’s definitely a controversial move on my part to go naked for the Tail Wags Helmet Covers marketing campaign, “Mothers Against Naked Riding”. I’ve heard from a couple of people who felt that it wasn’t appropriate for the President (me) of the company to be photographed naked. Why wasn’t I using exclusively paid professional models? It’s the same question being asked of Erica Ehm, the founder and President of the, who also posed naked for our campaign. In the end, I decided I needed to put my body (instead of my money) where my mouth is! Helmet safety is my passion and if this phase of the “Mothers Against Naked Riding” campaign helps increase awareness of this issue, I wasn’t going to stand on the sidelines.  The point we’re trying to make is we don’t care what you wear – or don’t wear – as long as you put your helmet on! Besides, marketing sometimes has to be controversial in order to gain attention. To be “liked”, “shared”, and “re-tweeted” on the social media networks, you’ve got to stand out amongst the barrage of other information being promoted. In order to go VIRAL, which is everyone’s goal, you must make people laugh, gasp in awe, and want to revisit your site over and over. Hence, the eye candy in our ad promotions … I’m sure all of you noticed the gorgeous hockey player featured prominently in our ads. By the way, this is a completely un-retouched photo – he truly is this gorgeous in real life! So, because Tail Wags’ audience is predominantly women, I’m having some fun with a serious subject and giving us all a little extra something to admire! I’d love your feedback on this latest Tail Wags and campaign. Please feel free to be totally honest … did it catch your attention? Do you think it’s helping the cause of promoting helmet safety awareness? Are you willing to share the images and videos with your friends? Because if you’re willing to help promote our campaign, then I’ll have succeeded in furthering the cause of helmet safety awareness!

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  • Hi Karen, it would have been fun to add a FEMALE (mom) hockey player as well! Role model for girls. Regardless, your message is awesome, way to spark some conversation for the cause.


    Tristyn on
  • Thanks Sharon! I know you’re a great role model as well because you always wear your safety helmet and gear when speed skating.

    Karyn Climans on
  • As a mom who makes her kids wear helmets, even when they don’t want to, and who sees kids riding bikes and skate boarding without helmets ALL THE TIME, I think any attention you bring to this is good.

    Sharon on
  • You certainly did pose with that hunka hockey player. I loved the behind-the-scenes video too. Very fun. And you certainly got our attention! Way to go, Karyn!

    Pam @writewrds on
  • Karyn…this is absolutely brilliant. Brilliant.
    I don’t find it offensive or tacky…this is really going to draw attention but I don’t think in a bad way at all.
    I’m pinning this.

    Kimberly on

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