Behind the Scenes of the Naked Photo Shoot

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I know the following video makes it look as if my job is all play and no work but isn't that the way it should be? Part of being passionate about what you do is having fun! And FUN it is!

Behind the Scenes: Naked Photo Shoot

Of course there is an important message behind all of the frolicking: "We don't care what you wear -- or don't wear -- as long as you put your helmet on" is the central message of the Mothers Against Naked Riding campaign. My hope is that the above video will go viral because spreading the message of the importance of helmet safety is my company's objective. You can help me reach my goal by "liking" and sharing the video and encouraging your friends to visit Thanks!

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  • I nearly died laughing when he walked in wearing the wig under his jock strap. He said he didn’t have enough time for a wax! Can you tell we had a blast filming the campaign?

    Karyn Climans on
  • The hair in the cup is hilarious!!!!
    And you are gorgeous in person!

    Kimberly on
  • Thanks Pam! Your ongoing support means a lot to me.

    Karyn Climans on
  • Will do. It’s inspired — and inspiring!

    Pam @writewrds on
  • Thanks Jennie for your comment. Glad you like the campaign!

    Karyn Climans on

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