Use Your Noggin To Protect Your Noggin

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We all want to keep our kids (and ourselves) safe! The publicity, lately, surrounding head injuries and concussions has put the issue of helmets and other protective gear on the radar screens of most parents. When should you wear a helmet? What is the best type of helmet? What else can we do to try and minimize the risk of a head injury and, even worse, a concussion? There’s a new product on the market called Noggin, and it’s available online at It’s a form-fitting black skullcap outfitted with cushioning gel packs that athletes can wear under their helmets. The Noggin was tested at a laboratory in New York for its effect on what’s known as peak linear acceleration and the results suggested that when wearing a Noggin under a hockey helmet, the impact of a blow could be reduced substantially. I was lucky enough to attend a Noggin press conference in downtown Toronto last week and listened to several speakers praising this product, including NHL legend Wendel Clark. Also in attendance was a representative from That’s not to say there isn’t disagreement over the effectiveness of this product. Concussions are caused when the brain moves around in the skull. Although the Noggin provides additional padding to the skull beyond what a safety helmet provides, it doesn’t prevent the brain from jiggling around in our heads. Make sense? I know it’s confusing. Even medical experts are divided on what’s the best way to prevent concussions. That said, as long as the Noggin provides additional padding, it’s good in my books! I have 2 FREE samples of the Noggin to give away to 2 lucky readers. If you’re interested in one, please leave me a comment below and send your mailing address to The first two readers to reply will win.

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  • Dear Paulina,
    I’ll pop one in the mail today for you. I’d love your feedback after you’ve tried it out.

    Karyn Climans on
  • I would be so interested in trying this out. I’m really big on injury prevention.

    Paulina K. on
  • The makers of the Noggin have assured me that it will be made in other colours including pink. This is a great product for skaters!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Me too! It upsets me that some sports allow the children to take their helmet off at such a young age. Will they be introducing colour and style? Here’s hoping they market this to all sports. I would so like to see a few more skaters wearing this.

    Mike on
  • Glad you like it! Anything that helps protect the head is good in my books!

    Karyn Climans on

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