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Want to market your product or service? Times have changed and traditional media has become less effective. Today, networking is the key to success. If people don’t know about you or your product, then how will they become customers? It isn’t good enough to set up a website and/or Facebook site and then sit back and wait for customers to come to you. It’s a BUSY world out there and every other business is scrambling to catch the attention of would be customers. So how can you make your company heard over the rest of the noise? Networking is the answer! There are several great ways to network:
  • Social media sites are the fastest growing and most effective means of networking with a large circle of people. The options are endless: Facebook, twitter, blog sites, Pinterest and 100’s more. My personal favourites are Facebook and twitter because they seem to be the most powerful ways to reach a larger audience.
  • Conferences are another great way to connect. I regularly attend several conferences including the and 140Conf events. Both of these venues bring together large audiences of people who share similar interests. BlogHer conferences also have a great reputation but I haven’t had a chance to attend one of their events to date.
  • Networking parties such as Twitter events and social groups are fun as well as a terrific way to meet other people within your local community.
  • Tail Wags Helmet Covers regularly exhibits at marketplace events and I love the direct contact with my customers. Not only am I selling product but I’m also handing out endless business cards to prospective future customers.
Interestingly the above strategies also work for people looking for a job or career change. Simply mailing out a resume is unlikely to get you noticed as a potential job candidate. You’ll need to network as well to distinguish yourself from the other job candidates. Do you have a business? Are you interested in increasing the exposure for your product or service? Have you been active on the social media sites? Do you have any other suggestions for great ways to market?

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