Simon Whitfield's Crash & Burn

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Even Olympic athletes have serious accidents. The following video shows the horrible accident Simon Whitfield experienced early in the cycling portion of his 2012 Olympic triathlon race: If you watch the replay of his accident in slow motion, you can see he takes a serious blow to the head. Thank goodness he was wearing a safety helmet. Although he is probably in a lot of pain from the road rash and stitches to his foot, his injuries could have been much worse, even fatal, if he wasn't wearing his safety helmet. What drives me crazy is the people who insist they ride their bikes carefully and, therefore, don't need a safety helmet. I've always said that your life can change forever in a mere 30 seconds. Consider the 41 year old Torontonian who died this week while cycling. His bike wheels got stuck in the streetcar tracks and the blow to his head (he wasn't wearing a safety helmet) cost him his life. Please help spread the word about helmet safety by sharing our "Mothers Against Naked Riding" campaign information with your friends! The easiest way to do this is to "like" and "share" our MANR video on YouTube: Hope you're having a happy and SAFE summer!

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  • A friend of mine who is a triathlete is having a full day training session with Simon Whitfield. I’ve given her the Blaze helmet cover to give to Simon Whitfield. Let’s hope he decides to wear it because I couldn’t get better advertising than that!

    Karyn Climans on
  • Simon must have been heartbroken but a broken heart is better than a broken head! I’m sure his helmet saved his life. Perhaps Simon would be a good spokesperson with you to promote helmet safety…just a thought! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

    Kathryn Shanley on

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