Keeping Warm

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When I left the house this morning to walk the dogs in a sheepskin coat and leather gloves, I was confident I would be warm enough. Sure enough when I arrived home one hour later, I was cold. We all lose heat from our extremities so it’s important to wear a hat and mitts in the cool weather. Easier said than done for cyclists brave enough to ride their bikes in the colder months. The hands are easy because you can wear gloves but keeping the head warm is hard when you can’t put a hat under a safety helmet. (Reason: a hat doesn’t allow the helmet to sit properly on the head unless it’s one of those neoprene a.k.a. second skin balaclavas). There’s another solution. Tail Wags fleece helmet covers are warm and cozy and they fit beautifully over all bike helmets including the elongated and/or bucket styles. And they don’t interfere with the job of the helmet. You will thank me (and Tail Wags) every day when you’re riding and your head is comfortably warm during the colder months. The same applies to kids wearing their skate, toboggan and ski helmets … fleece helmet covers will keep them warm.    

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