Just pitched: The Flying Bunny on the Ellen Show!

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How could Ellen DeGeneres possibly resist? The Flying Bunny a.k.a. Annika Vrklan would be the perfect guest on the Ellen Show especially since Ellen is looking for talented kids under the age of eleven. Here's what I wrote to Ellen: The Flying Bunny Soars At just 8-years-old, Annika Vrklan is taking the skateboarding world by storm. She’s out-skating and out-jumping other kids twice her age in competitions! Here are a few of her accomplishments to date:
  • Guinness World Records Holder (August 2010)
  • Performer in Le Petit Cirque Wunderkinds as a Skateboard Prodigy (June 2012)
  • Appeared as a featured guest on the Nate Berkus Show (March 2011)
  • Filmed in various music videos, commercials, television shows and the motion picture, “Chalet Girl”.
Add in her charm, adorable looks, and unspoiled angelic attitude and you have the makings of a future champion on your hands. Annika gained the name the “Flying Bunny” because of her trademark pink and purple bunny ears she wears whenever she’s skating in competitions and at the local board park. Watching her ears bounce up and down while she’s twisting, turning and flying off the steep ramps is part of the joy of watching Annika. Annika would love to appear as a guest on the Ellen Show and we’d love to give Ellen a matching bunny helmet cover although Ellen’s would have special “Cover Girl” eyes. Annika and Ellen could have a dance-off on their skateboards if Ellen is up to the challenge. As well, we’d be pleased to provide every member of the television audience with a Pink Bunny helmet cover, compliments of Tail Wags Helmet Covers, Please wish us luck ... I'm hoping we'll hear back from Ellen this week!

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  • Looks like a fantastic idea for the Ellen show.

    This girl sounds like an incredible skateboarder! She’ll be like Shaun White, the American snowboarder when she gets older if she’s this good now.

    I’ll watch for you on TV. Good luck!

    Greg Lehman on

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