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[caption id="attachment_3530" align="alignleft" width="300"] BIXI Bike Program[/caption] Tail Wags Helmet Covers was delighted that Toronto Constable Scott Mills mentioned our Mothers Against Naked Riding Campaign in the following article on the BIXI bike program! KJ Mullins-Toronto: The BIXI movement is strong in Toronto. The bike sharing company has 80 stations throughout the city with 1,000 bikes to rent making it easy to take a quick ride when you want. Riding is great for your health but where are the helmets? BIXI has had over a million bike rides since it launched 18 months ago. The bikes can be seen in motion all over the city. Riding a bike around town is not only a cheap way of transportation it’s good for your health. When you strap on a helmet it’s even safer. That is the one drawback with bikers using BIXI, many don’t bother to own a bike helmet. One proud BIXI patron is Toronto Police Constable Scott Mills. He is often seen going to work riding a BIXI bike from the Union subway station to police headquarters. Mills said during a phone interview that he “loves BIXI bikes.” Even though Mills is a fan there are some issues that he has seen when it comes to bike safety. While Mills said that the law doesn’t require adult bike riders to wear a helmet it’s something that everyone should be doing for their own safety. “I have thought about the issue of ‘naked riders’, those without helmets for quite a while. It would be great if BIXI could also rent helmets, for like $1 along with the bikes. I know there are health issues but it would be great if some company could come up with a goodwill plan of action to make this happen.” Mills almost always brings his own helmet when he’s renting a bike but there are times even he forgets. He admits that he does still ride the bike but feels naked without the helmet. “If there was helmet rental I would be using it,” Mills said. He also added that there’s a hashtag on Twitter about the issue, #stopnakedriding. One other issue is that it’s not always easy to make it from one station to the next in just 30 minutes. “Sometimes you have to ride like crazy to make it to the next spot in your time period. It would be great if that time was increased to an hour,” Mills said. Not every city is happy with their bike share companies. In Barcelona the government thinking that residents should get their own bike instead of using the bike share Bicing. They are planning to raise the fees by 116 percent next week which could make the service too expensive for some. If you have any suggestions or ideas of how we could deal with the helmet safety issue related to the BIXI bike program, I'd LOVE to hear from you!

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