Take Your Inner Child Out To Play

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Have you heard of Connie Dunwoody? This lovely woman that I had the pleasure of interviewing, has been a triathlon athlete since 2008, participated in half-iron this year (!) and is a proud wearer of Spike the Puffer Fish. Connie rides for Russ Hay's the Bicycle Store ( and trains with and coaches for Tristars Training" ( in Victoria, BC. Spike has become her trademark. Connie symbolizes cheerfulness and great sportsmanship and the crowd cheering her on knows it. When I ask her why she wears Tail-Wags, this is what she had to say:
When I put on Spike before a race, it's instant camaraderie. I think you shouldn't be afraid to feel a little silly. By being in full confidence, you bring joy to other people! And you promote safety along the way.
And sometimes, she brings some girl friends along... which makes for a noticeable entrance as shown here ! Thanks so much Connie for this uplifting chat and for being a great role model to us all!  

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